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Singapore Seafood Republic
Singapore Seafood Republic
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『シンガポール・シーフード・リパブリック大丸梅田』店は、JR 大阪駅直結の「大丸梅田店」内 14F レストランエリアに位置しています。 奥行きのある店内は、活きた“マッドクラブ”が出迎える特徴的なエントランス、そして、仲間と共に食事を楽しむのに最適 な賑わいのある「カフェエリア」、中央にはラッフルズホテルを彷彿させる「 SSR ホテルエリア」、その奥にはホテルの中庭 を意識した「コートヤードエリア」と、エリアごとに違った表情を見せ、様々なシーンを体感していただけます。天井の高い 「コートヤードエリア」は大きな窓ガラス張りの開放的な空間で、昼夜共に大阪の景色を存分にお楽しみいただけます。
シティーホテルや高層ビルが建ち並ぶ、今最もインターナショナルな街、品川の駅前の立地。マーライオンに出迎えられ階段を上がりレストランに入ると、今度は毎週2便空輸される名物“活きたマッドクラブ”がお出迎え。その他、「本日のメニュー」としてお選びいただける新鮮な魚介や野菜も陳列しています。フロアーはバーとメインのダイニングホール、個室の三つに分かれています。バーはちょっと一杯、気楽に立ち寄れる「Jacquie's Bar」。大きなオープンキッチンではWok(鍋炒め)の豪快なパフォーマンス。調理の音、食欲そそる香り。そのオープンキッチンを抜けると、楽しい会話をはずませるメインダイニングが広がります。さらにその奥がご接待などに便利な個室となっています。個室には、各レストランのオーナーの名前が入っていて、現地の各レストランの様子なども写真でご覧いただけます。また天気の良い日にはテラス席もおすすめです。
Singapore Seafood Republic is located at Ginza, Osaka and Shinagawa. All three restaurants serve authentic flavours from Singapore at reasonable prices.
Located at Ginza, this restaurant brings to you scrumptious Singapore Buffet which includes salads, appetisers, main dishes, noodles, rice and desserts, amongst others.
Our Ginza location is the only place where you can enjoy our “Tasty Singapore Buffet,” which includes various salads, appetizers, main dishes, noodles, rice and desserts, among others. This location allows guests to enjoy authentic flavors from Singapore in a sophisticated location at reasonable prices.
The outlet is located on 14th floor of Daimaru Umeda by JR Osaka. The entrance with live mud crabs will welcome you. You will enjoy eating at some different space such as cafe area with relaxing mood and SSR hotel area with Singapore mood and "Courtyard area" like hotel's garden. From the Courtyard area with high ceiling and wide glass, you can ejoy the veiw of Osaka.
The restaurant in Shinagawa, which is a very international section of Tokyo with many hotels and skyscrapers, is located directly in front of Shinagawa station. As you arrive at the restaurant, merlions great you at the entrance. Once you climb some steps and enter the restaurant, you will see a tank filled with live mud crabs. You will also find a display of fresh fish and vegetables, which are used to prepare the recommended daily menus. The main floor consists of a comfortable bar area, a spacious main dining floor, and some private rooms. The bar, which is affectionately called “Jacquie`s Bar,” is a cozy and ideal spot to have a drink and relax. The kitchen is widely open to the dining hall, allowing you to witness a dynamic performance by our chefs. The sounds and delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen provide for an exciting dining experience. Our four private rooms are ideal for business dinners or parties. Each room bears the names of our Singaporean partners, and there are also photos of their restaurants, allowing guests to see what their establishments look like. On days with good whether, we also recommend enjoying a table on our open terrace.
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