Cooking Restaurant-Quality Dimsum at Home

When the world's a mess and we're advised to stay at home as much as possible, that means a lot of self cooking and entertaining at home. After all, there's only so many times we can order from GrabFood or Deliveroo without feeling a bit guilty. On the other hand, not all of us are gifted to create restaurant-worthy dishes in our own kitchens. Or sometimes, the prep and cleanup is just too much work to pull together every day.

I've recently been fortunate to discover Home Fiesta by Tunglok Group. Under its "Ready to Cook" menu, are endless options for dimsum, rendang, soups, braised meat dishes, Chinese desserts and more. The items are flash frozen and vacuumed packed, and delivered straight to your door.

I ordered a few of the steamed items, which are packed in bulk: lotus bun, char siu bao, siu mai, and dishes that are made to serve 2-4 people: fish maw soup, beef rendang, braised pork belly, almond cream dessert.

Couple of things I noticed:

  1. It TASTES GOOD. I was stunned how the dishes came out. My partner whom I prepared dinner for thought I must have added something, because surely frozen food cannot taste this fresh. Which brings me to my next point...
  2. It's CONVENIENT, but let's you get involved with the end cooking process and plating. All I had to do was prepare white rice, while pulling the rest out of the freezer, steaming it, and plating it.
  3. It feels HAPPY AND HOME MADE. These are all comfort foods for many of us. So, when the delicious smell of food wafting from the kitchen, everything feels cozier and I daresay, happier.
  4. The price point is unbeatable. I almost wish I had discovered this before COVID-19 disrupted the world, because it's such value for money.
  5. The food looks even better in real life than the promotional photos on the packaging. That's a first!
  6. Sometimes you just want one bao. Ever been to dimsum and no one else wants the char siu bao except you? You feel bad ordering it, because that means you either have to eat all of it or you're wasting food. With Home Fiesta, I just pluck one out of the bao bag and pop it into the steamer. One bao for one whenever I want! Day, night, 5am snack. The dimsum world is yours.
  7. The loved ones I prepared dinner for are happy. I was asked to order more immediately.

We can eat food for sustenance, but food serves many other purposes as well. A good meal can be something to cherish, look forward to with loved ones. A moment to be cheerful with warm bellies and full hearts.

Wishing everyone good health and safety in these times, I hope you enjoy this recommendation as much as I did. -Victoria Cheng

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So, it's #quarantinelife in the world right now. I thought it would be a good time to seek out interesting food options for home. It's my first time trying #HomeFiesta by @tunglokgroup. Concept is, restaurant quality Chinese dishes that are frozen & ready to cook. Result? I was rather amazed. I mean, when have you ever seen scenarios where the actual dish looks and tastes better than what the styled product photo looks like?! Right now, my fridge is stocked with beef rendang, siewmai, lotus bun, char siew bao, almond cream soup, nurou fan, and more. It's pretty great being able to throw a single BBQ pork bun into the steamer or microwave and as when I feel like it at home. As far as ready to cook/eat meals go, this has been the best I've had so far. AND IT WAS CHEAP TO ORDER. 👍 under "Ready to Cook". Enjoy 😉 #braisedporkbelly

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